Sunday, March 9, 2008

Extending your new battery life

I have an old Compaq Laptop (R3000) and it still works well, however, after three years of "hard" work (remember, I'm PhD student) its battery discharges quickly. My laptop fulfills my requirements at this time, so I decided to buy a new battery.
Despite of the new battery has one year of warranty I decided try to preserve its durability. Then, I google for pages providing tips how to extend the battery life. There are a lot of urban myths about it and many times they advises don't distinguish amongst the existing battery technologies.
Finally, I found this interesting link. That article was written by a senior systems engineer and consultant at Dell and a technical marketing manager at HP.
As conclusion, I can say:
  1. Stop dispensable programs and services, avoid fancy features in your computer such as: high resolution screen, number of colors, among others; defragment your hard disk periodically for optimal disk access.
  2. For a new battery, charge it at 100%, then discharge it totally, finally charge it at 100%. Since, Lion-ion batteries have a microprocessor, this routine help them to determine its charge capacity.
Anyway, use your battery with no care, take advantage of the warranty, then, one year later, you will decide, a new battery or a new laptop? ;-)

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