Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greedy Web Applications

I was very confused about what would be the main topic of this entry.
At the beginning, I was amazed about this awesome demo developed by Adobe company. It shows a "live" transmission of a cycling race stage. It displays a well orchestrated set of web services integrating GIS, AJAX and multimedia technologies.

Today, we can found an impressive amount of web applications as useful as standalone applications, but they have serious performance problems.
I have mentioned how the browser now is our new productivity environment and I can enumerate a
popular set of "web applications" such as:
gmail, youtube, google reader, scribe, zotero, among others; but they provoke an important performance decrease in my laptop.

At this moment, there are a respected number of computers with a low profile performance, further, the industry are producing them with high succeed, hence it's convenient consider seriously to develop profiling tools for environments where the web application are developed.

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