Saturday, May 5, 2007


I hope that everyone be okay.

Day by day is amazing how clever people take advantage of the features availables in internet. WEB 2.0 aims to be a social network, where people can share tastes, hobbies, among others common interest. Such manner, successful pages like, flickr,, youtube has been developed for specific purposes in mind share links of interest, pictures, news, videos and so on. Today, RedHat did an announcement launching the Mugshot page. Mugshot's aim is "an open project to create live social experiences around entertainment." Mugshot intends become a convergence point of exising WEB 2.0 sites, such manner in one place you can track all modifications done by a friend, for example you can see the new videos she uploaded to youtube, or new referenced pages in

Finally, workplaces and education institutions has imposed mechanisms and policies to avoid access to ilegal sharing files. Such manner, many of us has found restricted to use popular p2p programs in our work or university. However, an interesting page using the enormous Google capacity for crawl the web, provides link to directories that contain copies of e-books, songs, albums, and so on.

What will be the next great idea? think about it!

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