Sunday, March 25, 2007


Groovy looks as another scripting language. But it takes advantage of to be a son of Java.

Nobody denies about the fact of the large set of java libraries available to internet: networking, processing management, distributed systems, virtualization and so on.

Scripting languages help to speed up the prototyping development, for example: ruby, python, perl, among others. Groovy is a scripting language that takes the best of two worlds: huge set of libraries and increase expressiveness of the Java language. Its first stable release to january 2007, asides count with an excellent companion book Groovy in Action becomes a Groovy an excellent prototyping tool.

Java programmers will found it very useful because allows easy lists handle, asides closure concept presents to Groovy as sophisticated java based tool, furthermore smart XML interaction, database connectivity, file management, and so forth.

Since Java(95) born, never a project exciting me so much as Groovy did. Remember, "Standing on the shoulders of giants". Groovy stands on Java giant, your project stands on Groovy?

Grid computing is a great idea, but a lot of work needs to be done in order to approach to scientific community from diverse branches of knowledge.

Tools and your creativity will approximate grid to most people.

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