Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Open discussion


my name is John. This is my first entry in my blog grid computing related.

Late at 90s, the grid computing emerges as another vision of our computational future. Although, mid of 90s, Sun talks about: "The network is the computer", their vision differs with relation to grid vision. Grid envision a high computational power based in a huge amount of computational resources tie by hardware and software infrastructure.

Today, there exist a suitable hardware resources but lacks of software tools to let easy integration of them. Globus is the most widely known tool on grid environments, however, still is on development.

I'm interest in to open a discussion about the grid. What is the strength, weakness of this new way to envision the computation?

Periodically, i will posting references to articles, interviews, and papers and adding my own comments about it.

I want that this blog become in a place where you can to provide constructive comments towards to generate proposals to enhance the state of the art of grid computing.

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